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Five Years

     I am very proud of your anniversary, at this point in your sobriety you realize it’s not about not drinking, but rather how to live. I spent most of my life getting from A to B, regretting the past and the things I didn’t do, while trying to control my future. I missed the in between….. the workbench where tomorrow is crafted.
     I am giving you my five year coin, I wish I could present it in person at a meeting, but I will see you at years end. Use this present as a “touch stone” to remain in the present. I used to tell you to stay focused and stay in the zone before your tournaments. Today I know the zone is the Now.
     Since I became teachable (humble) in the program I realize that all we really have is the now. We are not our thoughts or experiences, they just happened to us on life’s journey. I hope you can internalize the now into action and find it in meditation at first, and in all your life later. That is where you and the universe are one, and limitations evaporate like the thoughts they are.

     This for me was the gift of sobriety, to understand that I don’t have to get somewhere as I am already there, and it really wasn’t all about me. “ I love you Son”


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Getting Sober in 1/125 seconds or
Getting Sober in 8 milliseconds. Submitted by Charlie C.
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